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I am a freelance photographer of 25 years with residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All my life was marked by photos and images. As a child I learned the basics of photography from sections of the newspaper that my dad bought on Sundays. When I was 17 years old I bought my first professional camera and almost instantaneously I began to study and work in this art. My work mainly goes through publishing, essay, journalism and live shows. I currently live, study and work in Argentina, but I want to develop other looks around the world. 


Vogue Italia

Elléments: December 2020
March 2020



7 Hues

Sticks and Stone (AU).

Féroce (CA):

Haute Punch (CA):

Elegant (FR): 

Toksick (EEUU):

Fuzz (EEUU):

Kompromise (EEUU):

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